Venezuelan Gang Terrorized South America & Now They’re Here


This is the leader of the Democrats who are welcoming cartels to take over the USA.

Democrat open borders brought us the worst transnational gang in South America. They have terrorized Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile and Peru. They will terrorize the United States, and somehow, Democrats will blame Republicans.

An alleged multistate human trafficking ring forced immigrant women into prostitution. The mysterious killing of a former police officer in South Florida. Attacks against police officers in New York. The arrest of a drug dealer in Chicago, reports CNN.

A brutal Venezuelan gang, one of the worst in Venezuela, Tren de Aragua or Train of Aragua, might have allied with MS-13 in Manhattan. It’s something that greatly worries the NYPD.

It’s Growing in the United States

The Venezuelan gang is growing in several cities, including Miami, Chicago, El Paso, and New York City. They are responsible for a bloody crime network across South America and have ruined Ecuador. Lately, they steal phones and then hack them to drain bank accounts. Police are warning that MS-13 and other gangs might ally with them.

One of the gang members murdered the UGA nursing student, Laken Riley.
These gang members generally pass illegally through border cities, such as El Paso, and then travel throughout the United States.

These are hardened, vicious criminals. Tren de Aragua originated in a Venezuelan prison and has exploded throughout Columbia, Peru, and Chile. It’s known for the brutal torture murderer of its victims, including prostitutes, who they routinely execute to control the sex trade. The gang has made big inroads in Chicago and Miami. In Lima, Peru, the gang murdered rival pimps and prostitutes to gain control.

Hooded Tren de Aragua members seized a state TV news studio today, while a university was attacked and jail guards were reportedly executed by prisoners. The cartels have declared war on the new president, who declared the gangs – terrorists – and has ordered his military and police to neutralize the gangs.

Gang violence recently tore through Ecuador after a vicious drug gang boss disappeared from prison. The government declared a state of emergency as Ecuador erupted into a “civil war.”

President Daniel Noboa declared a 60-day nationwide state of emergency, which includes a nightly curfew. Soldiers are trying to quell the violence.

Noboa, a 36-year-old business heir who took office in November, said he will not negotiate with terrorists.

“These narcoterrorist groups intend to intimidate us and believe that we will give in to their demands, he said. He added that Ecuador was living through an “internal armed conflict.”
Ecuador was once a relatively peaceful country surrounded by more violent neighbors. The gangs are now embedded in Ecuador and have links to cartels in Mexico, Albania, and other countries.

The country’s per capita murder rate in 2023 — 46.5 per 100,000 people — has increased eightfold since 2018 and is among the highest in the region.

TV Station Terror

Intruders from the gang forced the terrified TV crew onto the ground, and a person could be heard screaming in apparent pain as the studio lights went off, with the broadcast running for 15 minutes.

A TC employee said in a WhatsApp message: “Please, they came in to kill us. God, don’t let this happen. The criminals are on air.”

Journalists on screen were reportedly heard screaming, “They want to kill us all.”

Police officers entered the studio after 30 minutes while someone then called out that they “have a wounded companion.”

Every assailant was captured.

They’re destroying Ecuador, and they’ve come to destroy the USA. Thank a Democrat.

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