Venezuelan Illegal on a Moped Shot Two NYPD Officers


ABC News reports that a suspect and two New York City police officers were hospitalized after the officers exchanged gunfire with a robbery suspect on a moped during a pursuit in Elmhurst, Queens.  The officers are out of the hospital, and the criminal is recovering in the hospital. He’ll probably be out in no time, and he certainly won’t be deported.

The illegal alien gangs use mopeds provided by the city to grab phones and jewelry from innocent pedestrians. The phones are then hacked by international criminals.

Two officers and criminal hospitalized

Police said they noticed a person on a moped heading in the wrong direction and tried pulling over the rider.

A pursuit ensued on foot. During the chase, the officers and the suspect exchanged gunfire.

The suspect was arrested. He is 19-year-old Bernardo Raul Castro Mata, a Venezuelan migrant who entered the U.S. through Eagle Pass, Texas, in July 2023.

Many of these Venezuelans coming illegally are members of the worst gang in Venezuela, Tren de Aragua.

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