Project Veritas: Disrupt J20 Plans to Shut Down DC Metro


Disrupt J20’s Plan to Create Inaugurtion Chaos

DisruptJ20 plans to shut down the inauguration by chaining trains together to shut down the Metro. The undercover video by James O’Keefe covered groups under the umbrella group DisrupteJ20.

They plan to shut down roads, bridges, all checkpoints.

These hard-left groups want to go way beyond civil disobedience and protests. They are professional rioters.

Occupy Inauguration is endorsed by Jill Stein and her Green Party, Socialist Alternative which is the Socialist Party USA, Code Pink, and assorted communists. Disrupt120 claims to be “massive, spontaneous” and opposed to “oppression”.  They think Trump is a Nazi.

There’s big money behind the phony ‘protests’. Deep-pocketed Progressives and ‘liberal’ Democrats are backing it.

I smell skunks. I smell George Soros, Michael Moore, Jill Stein, Carl Dix and others.

Trevor Loudon is on it as well.

Trevor Loudon of New Zeal researched and came up with an audio of DisruptJ20 leaders plotting. They have plans for massive disruptions to include a “dance party” outside VP-elect Mike Pence’s house.

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