Vice Media’s Wild Sexual Harassment Problem


Vice media is apparently an unsafe working environment for women, at least according to the New York Times reporting Saturday. As one who was the first woman in several jobs, I have to say most of the men I dealt with, including bosses, were gentleman. If this is a legitimate report on Vice, perhaps it’s a problem in this field or it’s a sign of our warped culture.

I worked at This Week Magazine and I was an airline hostess and never experienced what women say are going on now. Sure, men came after me, I had appeared in a Pan Am commercial and wasn’t unappealing, but I dealt with it. One man grabbed me on a flight – he was drunk – but the second time he tried – I jumped out of the way and he went tumbling on his besotted face. I had a good laugh and it was over.

Seeing the lies that went out about Duke LaCrosse, the UVA case, bullying, the climate, and so many other exaggerated liberal horrors, one should wonder if this is true.

Men are targets, especially if they are white, but minority men aren’t safe either. Many of the men going down are black. Remember Herman Cain? All those women who claimed he abused them and who said they would keep up the fight after he dropped out of the presidential race? They disappeared, didn’t they?

Did you hear Tavis Smiley on interviews on Fox? He’s very believable. If women want to have affairs with him, have they no responsibility in this? Look at how they went after Charles Payne. One woman is suing him for harassment after she engaged in a three-year consensual relationship as she tried to get a job on his network, Fox News.

Getting back to Vice.

One woman said a man put her hand on his crotch on a Ferris Wheel and in another case, a woman felt compelled to have a relationship or get fired.

Personally, I had men – bosses – who wanted to have affairs with me. One wrote me a beautiful love letter. In a nice way, I explained that wasn’t me and I was happily married. Can’t these women develop some courage?

That isn’t harassment if they give up.

A third woman at Vice said that a co-worker grabbed her face and tried to kiss her, and she used her umbrella to fend him off, the Times reported.

Actually, that one is funny. It sounds like she did what she had to do.

The New York Times conducted this investigation and found four settlements for sexual harassment or defamation. Is that a lot? Did the men get due process?

They wrote: But as Vice Media has built itself from a fringe Canadian magazine into a nearly $6 billion global media company, its boundary-pushing culture created a workplace that was degrading and uncomfortable for women, current and former employees say.

Do you trust the NY Times to report accurately? All of these sexual harassment scandals are awfully convenient at a time when they are planning to destroy President Trump on that very issue during the 2018 campaign.

The Times article goes on to blame older men and adds: The settlements and the many episodes of harassment the women described depict a top-down ethos of male entitlement at Vice, where women said they felt like just another party favor at an organization where partying often was an extension of the job.

That whole male entitlement garbage could be more about the unfair targeting of men than it is about reality. There is no doubt out culture needs to be improved but why now?

The founders of Vice say they’ve failed in creating a safe workplace for women. Maybe that’s true and if so, I’m glad they’re getting to the bottom of it, and very glad the left has suddenly discovered morals. Who knew that would ever happen after decades of them saying morals are relative and none of us have any right to determine anyone’s morals. It’s a darn miracle.

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