Victor Davis Hanson: The Most Amazing Comeback in American Political History


Victor Davis Hanson spoke with Laura Ingraham on Fox News about the response of the media to Donald Trump’s success in the Iowa caucus. The Democrat Progressives think that if they keep dehumanizing and lying about Donald Trump, they will destroy him. Ingraham asked Hanson about it.

“In the last year or two,” Victor Davis Hanson said, “the opposite is true. The more they lie, and they do not apologize, and they do not correct the record, and the more they’re found out, the less credibility they have and the more popularity Donald Trump had in the primaries.

But Biden has so much energy:


“I think that’s going to extend to the general election because they can’t stop,” Hanson continued. “They have a Trump fix. They’re like an addict, and they know it’s not helping them, but they can’t stop it because they’re addicted to it.

“So they’re going to continue what you saw last night all through the next year, and I think what little credibility they have left will be shot, and it’s going to help Donald Trump. You know, I think we forget that without these media people, the whole January 6 armed insurrection or most of the lies about the origins of COVID and social distancing and masking or the circumstances of George Floyd’s death and the rioting that happened, not to mention disinformation on the laptop or Russian collusion, all of that wouldn’t have had any resonance … it didn’t destroy Donald Trump.

“He’s got the most amazing political comeback in American political history, and I think that’s because of the news media’s bias.

Laura Ingraham said, “I don’t know who they think is voting. I mean these are real Americans who are really supporting Trump. So I guess it just confirms what everyone thinks – that these people literally hate, despise the caucus voters in Iowa, they despise them because they’re racist, they’re too white, they’re this or that, they hate them.


Hanson replied, “They do. We drowned them out for a long time. I mean, look at the vocabulary they’ve used: clingers from Obama, and then chumps and dregs from Biden, deplorables, irredeemable, and lately, people like Chris Matthews have been warning us about the dangerous rural people.

“So they’ve always despised them. … now they have a new narrative that Trump is a dictator. He’s going to have revenge retribution that shows that they’re really scared that nobody’s listening to their lies anymore, and they’re afraid that it’s counterproductive, and now all they can say is Trump might get elected, and he might do this and this. He might do what we would do if we were in his position and had suffered from us. So it’s a projection; it reflects weakness, not strength.

“I don’t think they have much credibility, and they’re losing the independents, losing minority voters …”

Hopefully, Democrat Progressives will keep acting like loons, showing everyone who they are. All the hate comes from them all of it.

The Democrat Progressives think that if they keep dehumanizing and lying about Donald Trump, they will destroy him.


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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

In my own much less sophisticated words than those of Hanson, I have been saying since, ohhh at least 2016 ( actually even before that as Trump in 2012 had suggested he might run and already, back then in 2012, the Trump haters had reacted very strongly, laughing at him saying that that clown would never win an election ) that Trump hatred makes people dumb …or dumber than they already are.

Here we are many years later and democrats cannot stop doing dumber and dumber stuff that only makes Trump MORE popular.

As I have been saying for over 8 years; Trump hatred makes people dumber.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

we have all done this,

get very angry, for maybe only 30 seconds, but so angry that we did something that once we calmed down we regretted what we had done

maybe you threw something you love in the fire or you punched a hole in the wall or destroyed the only picture you had of someone or you said something awfull to someone you still regret 10 years later

Some say anger is a short insanity ( or something like that ) and to an extent anger is indeed a short insanity ( road rage videos are also a good example )

well Trump hatred is an anger that is lasting years and years, and is thus an insanity that is lasting years and years.

Trump haters are doing dumb things and have for 8 years and cannot stop

their trump hatred has made them dumb.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

That interview is a bunch of nonsense, a gossip event.

Firstly, both of them are anti-Trump, never sticking out their neck for him. Ingraham has treated Trump in an insulting manner when interviewing him. She insisted the 2020 election was OK almost immediately, and attacked the efforts to examine it. As a lawyer who worked in the Supreme Court, she never once used any legal arguments to support her idea. She is a fraud, most conservatives ignore her now. All she is doing here is serving herself, pretending that there was some miraculous comeback by Trump, when Trump never went away. Laura wants to try to keep her gullible audience and make excuses for being so wrong about Trump.

VDH is no better, though his attacks on Trump are more subtle. How is is that this supposed genius, this great historian (he is not a historian, he was a classics professor, and now works for high pay at a RINO think tank), missed that Trump was never gone, or, that he would make a great comeback? In reality, VDH wanted Trump gone, and tried to condition the public to accept it. VDH does his usual blah blah blah the left is no good blah blah blah. That is something we knew long ago, before we ever knew his name. There are lots of sources of information on the activities of the left which are much better and more timely that VDH ever is. He offer us nothing of value in his gratuitous lectures on the left. VDH uses this narrative as a cover to fool conservative viewers, to establish trust. It is a tactic.

So now that Trump is clearly not gone, and the public knows it, VDH has to shift directions, call it amazing, because he could not have been wrong other than due to a miracle.

A real conservative, not a pretend one like VDH, would be concerned about the betrayal of Johnson and the RINOs, to approve more illegal surveillance, to betray promises and produce another CR, to not take a stand on the border, and so on. But that is not VDH’s role, to attack the corrupt RINOs.

This is what controlled opposition is. It manipulates, pretends to be on your side, while it distracts, and while it takes positions which are counter to conservatism.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

The left’s game is to change the meaning of everything by even changing the meaning of words.