Texas Responded to Biden’s Open Borders DOJ with More Razor Wire


The corrupt federal government, flooding the country with unvetted people from all over the world, has taken on Texas, demanding they remove the razor wire that prevents some people coming illegally from getting into the country.

Texas took over 2 1/2 miles of park that abuts the Rio Grande to keep Border Patrol from cutting the razor wire.

Biden’s corrupt DHS demanded that Texas vacate the park in Eagle Pass with a cease and desist letter. Texas refused. What they did do is put more razor wire down and install fencing.

There are so many foreigners now in Texas that it’s become a majority-minority state. The people coming in are needy, and some are terrorists and criminals. Other governors should follow suit.

According to Chris Olivarez, the spokesperson with the Texas Department of Public Safety, they are arresting illegals for criminal trespass, as Gov. Abbott said in a declaration.

Troopers are enforcing criminal trespass on single adult men and women.

The State of Texas will maintain a proactive posture in curbing illegal border crossings between the ports of entry, a declaration read.

Texas refuses to surrender migrant-packed Shelby Park to federal authorities. We don’t know what happens to the illegals once they are arrested. Are they deported?


What kind of country allows open borders, endangering national security?

The Border Patrol Union wrote on X, “Instead of suing the State of TX for trying to protect themselves, Biden Admin should immediately call to thank them for their assistance at the border & apologize for falsely accusing them of killing people. BP agents are still waiting for an apology as well. Phone lines are open.”

The evil Biden administration, which aids and abets child sex trafficking and drug trafficking, lied about the deaths of an alien mother and her two children, blaming the DPS for not allowing the Border Patrol to save them. As it happens, the DPS knew nothing about it, and the family died before the DPS was on the scene.

The Border Union responded, “Anything put out by the Biden Admin about our border should immediately be considered propagandistic crap until such time as they actually say something that’s true. From falsely accusing BP agents of “strappings” to blaming TX for 3 drownings, these people are incorrigible.”

At the same time, we have the lunatics in Boston who released an illegal crosser from Haiti who raped a handicapped person. ICE found him and rearrested him.

Other cultures, many of which are pouring in, have serious rape cultures. They think nothing of women. So, all you liberal women fighting for women’s rights, start here.

Speaking of rape cultures, listen to the Sheik:

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

” …Other cultures, many of which are pouring in, have serious rape cultures. They think nothing of women. So, all you liberal women fighting for women’s rights, start here…”

Liberals get their news from the main stream media who brainwash them and keep them under-informed,
liberal men or women do not know that certain cultures rape women like its a sport.

Same with colleges and Universities; they brainwash people and keep them very under informed, and since two thirds of students in college and university are females, we have two thirds of women ( those under 40 definitely ) brainwashed and under informed, it is bad but not as bad on the male side.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

If Abbott turns them over to the feds, then he is assisting in the invasion. It is suspicious that this is not clear. Build a tent city and keep them there.

Ken Paxton the AG does not have control of law enforcement, the governor does. Paxton I am sure would not give in to the feds, but Abbott is not courageous. When our nation is invaded, we need courageous people to stop it.

If a court tells Abbott to stop, and he concedes, he will be vilified.

1 month ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

No tent cities! Deport them.
Abbott has been a ‘day late and a dollar short’ during this mess! Now that the giant corporate/agri growers have sufficient ill eagle workers, he appears to be putting a drop in the bucket.
AG Paxton is the man here that, so far, is putting his ballz on the line to right some issues.