Victor Davis Hanson’s perfect description of why troops are in DC


Readers may already know why the troops are in DC but few put it as well as Victor Davis Hanson.




  1. Politicians have a problem when they create policies The People are opposed to. Politicians have a serious problem when they steal elections to force those politics on the people. The January 6th siege was a wake up call to Capitol Politicians by extremist on both sides. Congress is now scared of The People; and they should be. If the Congress continues along this path, being Tarred and Feathered, but probably worse, will be their fate. In America, Politicians only Govern by the consent of the People. If the Politicians continue to take the ability to voice that consent fairly and honestly away, revolution is The People’s only recourse. Democrats and RINOs are toying with revolution and that’s a nasty, uncontrollable means to bring about change. It usually ends with politicians and “kings” hanging from the gallows. We already have a number of Politicians responsible for genocide in there handling of the Wuhan Virus Outbreak. So far The People have been very patient with the Government. But the Hatred for The Government is growing rapidly and the Congress appears hell bent on continuing to throw gasoline on the fire. The question is will the rank and file Congressmen come to their senses and stop following extremist like Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, McConnell, Romney, Cheney and Sanders.

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