Victory! House Elects Mike Johnson as Speaker


The House elected  Mike Johnson as Speaker! He was acceptable to everyone, and it settled an embarrassing episode for Republicans. Rep. Johnson will give voice to everyone in the House, and he will listen to the people.

The first thing Rep. Johnson did last night was ask people to pray with him. He received 220 votes.

Many Americans were concerned that Republicans didn’t yet have a speaker of the House. Just the News reported that the crowded GOP House Speaker election got underway on Tuesday with eight candidates marking the third week without a chamber leader. NBC News reported on a plan McCarthy came up with that included Jim Jordan.

The United States Capitol in Washington DC with dark storm clouds

NBC News said, “Amid the speaker impasse, former Speaker Kevin McCarthy floated a plan that would reinstall him as Speaker and make conservative Trump ally, Representative Jim Jordan, Republican from Ohio, the assistant Speaker. That is according to three sources familiar with McCarthy’s pitch.

I hate to say this, but I must. It makes me realize we don’t really need Congress the way it was functioning. For three weeks, they haven’t spent money we don’t have, and they haven’t been able to cause too much trouble.

We now have hope!

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