Video of the moment suspects opened fire on the Kosher market in Jersey City


Yeshiva World published the video of the moment David Anderson and Francine Graham, possibly Black supremacists, opened fire on innocent people in a Kosher market. At least one of the killers appeared to hold significant anti-Semitic and anti-police views. The Jersey City shooting took place on Tuesday afternoon.

Watch the U-Haul van pull up opposite the Kosher market. A man quickly exits with a long gun and fires immediately into the store. A second suspect follows at a fast pace with a long gun.

One Hasidic man manages to run out of the store. He wasn’t wounded.

The killers, who were shot dead by police, murdered three people, one was a store worker, Douglas Rodriguez. They had murdered 39-year-old detective Joseph Seals in a cemetery shortly before.

Moshe Deutsch was only 24 years old and was murdered by the two suspects. He was a rabbinical student in Brooklyn who was simply shopping. Mrs. Mindel Ferenz was the grocery store owner’s wife, and she too was slaughtered for no reason.

The police haven’t labeled this a terror attack but some think it is. The attackers appear to have targeted the store which lends support to the idea that it is an anti-Semitic attack. The killers drove their van very slowly until they came upon the Kosher market.

It’s definitely a hate crime whether the officials agree or not.

One of the shooters, David Anderson was a member of the Black Hebrew Israelites, a Black supremacist religious cult.

Moshe Deutsch, Mindel Ferencz, Douglas Rodriguez, Joseph Seals


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