Vile Treatment of NYPD Officers in Cuomo & de Blasio’s Hell-scape New York


Last week, a NYPD cruiser was surrounded by a gang of men shouting obscenities at the officers inside.  The vile taunting lasted for about two minutes. A video was posted by New York City’s largest police union.

After asking for a badge number one thug with a loudspeaker calls out “Twenty-three, 54 for this dirty motherf—ker,”

Another guy placed a small, pink, toy pig on the hood of the cop car.  “That’s a pig. That’s a gift for you, bitch.”

As the NYPD car begins to roll away, the man with the loudspeaker then shouts into the device while facing the front of the vehicle in the middle of the street, saying, “Get the f—k out of the f—kinghood,” the clip shows.

Police say no one was arrested in connection to the incident.  And why would they be arrested?  In Cuomo’s no cash bail “Empire State” these guys would be back on Manhattan’s streets doing the same thing within a couple of hours.

Last summer, hundreds of rioters were turned loose without posting any bonds.  It’s now all just part of life in Cuomo and de Blasio’s hell-scape New York.

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