Professor John Lott claims there were 6% more mail-in ballots than votes in Missoula


Professor John Lott discovered massive fraud in Montana. He found 6% more mail-in ballots than votes. A video of the counting is missing.

A count of mail-in ballots in Montana’s second-most populous county found a “troubling discrepancy” arising from the 2020 election that has the attention of state officials.

The review of mail-in and absentee ballot envelopes was conducted by a group of Missoula County citizens in January, finding 4,592 fewer votes than the 72,491 that were tallied, which comes to a 6.33% discrepancy, and other issues.

The Missoula Board of Commissioners said it was baseless in an op-ed, but didn’t prove it was.




  1. Wow! Not even Montana is safe from the burn it all down long march fundamental transformation.
    Where will we run to?
    Will we make a stand on the shores of the ocean?
    There won’t be any I just want to be left alone because that’s not how the comrades operate.

    • You got that right…”that’s not how the comrades operate”…Unless ALL decent people wake up to that realization… they may never know what hit them… as the Main sewer Stream fake Media are relentlessly utilizing the psychological attack portion of the virus war to deflect their attention…

  2. Well, well !!! More ballots than people. Now is that surprising, considering the crooks pulled off one of the biggest frauds in history…and the corrupt political establishment and the Fifth Column Fourth Estate were fully complicit…

  3. Some people just won’t believe that 20,000,000 ballots were created out of thin air, but it’s looking like that figure may be small. I find it hard to believe that there are 20,000,000 Communist in America, but it looks like 60,000,000 was the real Democrat total. That is scary!

  4. 6% is the default steal that the democrats have been using for years. Several states that have done recounts have noticed a 6% difference repeatedly in local and statewide elections. It explains why states like Texas appear to be “trending blue”. By shifting the vote by 6% every year, the democrats had hoped to steal the country unnoticed. But then there was Trump and the plan had to be escalated. And here we are.

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