Viral video from a funeral director in UK who says deaths are not COV


A video from a UK funeral director has gone viral despite being censored. He has his own view of what is going on with the pandemic. We can’t verify this but it’s interesting and people have the right to hear it and do their own research. He doesn’t present any evidence in the clip. It’s only anecdotal and definitely don’t just take his word for it. It’s a starting point for some research perhaps.

Mr. John O’Looney runs Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services in April 2020, he told the BBC that he was concerned bodies “could be left at the hospital” amid virus finance fears.

In this clip, he said he was forewarned that there would be a pandemic coming in November 2019. There was a blowup mortuary at Northampton Hospital. They said, “something terrible was coming.” That’s very early if he is accurate here.

He was called to CARE homes for three weeks at an incredible rate. He thinks the professionals were killing them with the medication, Midazolam, which is used to sedate people. It stopped as quickly as it began. There was no indication they were COV deaths.

Some people who allegedly died of COV seemed to have died from some other cause. One man was run over.

Mr. O’Looney said the cure was coming in January. He kept hearing, from one man, in particular, there were no COV deaths.  The man was stopped from recording COV deaths. He said there “were no real increase” in deaths overall.

Mr. O’Looney said the death rate was “extraordinary” exactly when they began vaccinating. It was mostly hospital deaths but it was everywhere. He only saw pandemic numbers after vaccination. Mr. O’Looney thought neglect, Midazolam, other diseases, or vaccination was the cause. It stopped abruptly in April 2021.

Then it became very quiet after that. People weren’t dying. Then the death rate picked up about three weeks ago, including the youth, all ages. Almost all were vaccinated. He’s finding people dying from heart disease, blood clots, stroke, and multiple organ failure.

Now that he’s voicing concerns and a possible pattern of deaths related to the vaccines, no one will talk to him, including the BBC. He said the Delta variant is recognized as a vaccine injury. The vaccine is being used to create a Nazi society with the segregation of the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

They are vaccinating children and not one child has died from COV that he knows of — it’s “indefensible.”

His concern is variants don’t exist. They are used to keep their mantra going. He’s very concerned about the children. Mr. O’Looney thinks he’s in danger for saying, “There is no COVID pandemic.”

His theory is it’s a de-population agenda.


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