Virus news! Police imprison everyone in a complex


Lenowisco Health District Director Dr. Eleanor Cantrell notified the town of Appalachia that all residents of an apartment complex needed to be “quarantined due to their risk of exposure to COVID-19 infection.”

A police barricade was established around the entire apartment complex and everyone in it over several residents who tested positive instead of testing all the people to see who is actually positive.

Anyone who tries to cross the police barricade around the apartment complex could face criminal charges.

At least they didn’t bar the doors like they did in China, although this does border on communism.

Perhaps there is more to the story, but this is what we know so far.


Several people who live in the Appalachia Towers Building have coronavirus, WJHL reported. So they barricaded everyone in for at least a fortnight.

“Violations of the police line could result in criminal charges,” residents were told in a letter from city and county officials.

Food, medication, and other essential items will be provided to residents by Wise County Emergency Management and the Town of Appalachia.

How kind of them.

In addition to requiring residents to remain inside their homes, police have also been tasked with keeping other members of the public from entering the complex.

Anyone who attempts to leave or enter the property without authorization from the Appalachia Police Department (APD) and Appalachia Town Manager Fred Lunstford may be criminally charged.

The Officials Are Doing It For You

“All that we have done up to this point and all that we will do in the future is for the safety and preservation of the health of all the residents of the Town of Appalachia and Wise County,” Lunstford told WCYB.

Yes, of course, it’s for safety. It’s also wildly unconstitutional if the story is accurate.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Chuck Slemp said that everyone must do their part to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus.

“It is my hope that these measures will keep the community safe until the threat of COVID-19 community spread has passed,” Slemp told WCYB. “I want to thank the diligent efforts of local law enforcement and first responders in addressing this threat to public health and public safety.”

“While we hope that we will not have any need to do so, my office stands ready to assist in enforcing this protective zone barricade in court,” Slemp added.

Obviously, he knows nothing about the Constitution. This is too far over the line.

This will go on for at least 14 days and health director Cantrell will decide if longer confinement is necessary.

This is as dangerous prisoners and lesser criminals are released all over the country to protect them and keep them safe from coronavirus.

No barricades have been set up at other places affected by the virus.

If there isn’t more to the story, someone needs to sue.

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