Vivek Nukes, Ronna Melts Down, Dump These Debates, Trump Won


Vivek Ramaswamy echos Donald Trump’s policies, but he went full metal jacket on his fellow Republicans and NBC. Chris Christie was fairly normal for as much as I watched it [I had better things to do.] The moderators preferred to mostly ignore the candidate in a distant second place, Ron DeSantis.

On the other hand, Buck Sexton said: Credit where it’s due: this was a good, substantive debate. Professional and fair. NBC did well.

At the end, the audience chanted, “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

He was brutal to everybody, NBC, Ronna, Republicans, Haley, and probably others. I’m not saying I disagree with him. However, I really didn’t want him to trash the party. His words will be in Dem ads.

According to Cassandra MacDonald of Casssandra Rocks, Ronna went ballistic to her closest fifty friends within earshot.

“He’s an asshole. Total asshole,” McDaniel said. “He’s desperate because he’s doing bad in the polls. He won’t be getting a cent from us.” [Power abuse? What do you think?]

She also loudly booed him during his exchange with Nikki Haley, according to the person sitting nearby.

“She was in complete MELTDOWN mode over Vivek,” the source said. “This was in the middle of the audience, within ear shot of at least 50 people.”

Ronna calmed down here:

This is soooo true:

The audience was chanting, “Trump, Trump, Trump,” at the end. Ron DeSantis left the stage, throwing out his hands. The moderators ignored him for the most part, and he probably didn’t like the tenor.

On the other hand, this is how the Trump rally looked:

Trump was interviewed shortly before the debate. Would he consider Tucker as VP? He might since Tucker has common sense.


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