Brian ‘Potato’ Stelter Might Know Why Tucker Carlson Was Fired


Caveat: In his new book, Brian Stelter explains the reason he thinks Tucker Carlson was fired. However, Stelter was the host of Reliable Sources, where he lied every day.

We now have another reason given for Tucker Carlson’s firing from Fox News, one among many.

Biran Stelter, Potato reporter

Allegedly, Tucker was fired because his shows in Hungary with Prime Minister Viktor Orban were not approved. When Tucker filmed the week of Fox News shows in Budapest, he allegedly did so without the permission of Fox executives, CNN’s Brian Stelter said in his book.

In August 2021, Carlson traveled to the Hungarian capital where he praised Orban, Stelter said.

Orban praised Carlson and said programs like his “should be broadcasted day and night, or as you say 24/7,” he added.

Tucker had gone rogue, and the bosses felt he was getting too big for his britches.

The book is Network of Lies: The Epic Saga of Fox News, Donald Trump, and the Battle for American Democracy, which was published by that shady publication, The Daily Beast.

The title is cringeworthy as Dems destroy democracy.

It’s funny that he’s writing a book about a network of lies when he lies so much himself. He may be correct about some of what he writes but how do you believe somebody who lies so much? Stelter ended his days at CNN when he was fired, and his show canceled. His nickname was the Potato. He did his part to ban Conservative memes because they do it better than lefties.

I found this hysterical when he tried to demonize the memes:
More on the Story

Stelter suggests that Carlson was in trouble with Fox News bosses for years before his exit in April.

According to The Daily Beast, which is not terribly trustworthy, an executive involved with the situation, said that Carlson deliberately usurped his superiors when he took Tucker, Carlson Tonight to Budapest without their permission in 2021.

If that was the tipping point, why did they wait so long to fire him?

It’s more likely they didn’t like what was discussed. They discussed Victor Orban’s anti-illegal immigration policies.

Tucker also went to what is a called the far right political conference – MCC Feszt. I have no idea if it’s far right. They lie constantly about who and what is far right. If you slightly lean right, you are far right.

Stelter says the unapproved trip may have been the tipping point since Fox executives allegedly, already, felt the pundit was heavily flirting with authoritarianism.

That’s convenient. He gets the authoritarianism lie in.

I don’t think Stelter knows anything. It’s probably just gossip, but who knows. He needs something to get people to read his book. Did this work for you? Was I too hard on him?

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