American-Panamanian Kills Two Eco-Protesters Blocking the Road


An elderly American has been arrested after he was allegedly caught on camera walking up to environmental protesters blocking a Panamanian highway Tuesday and blasting two of them to death in an extreme case of road rage.

Last week, an American rode over one while trying to drive past.

Footage appears to show attorney and professor Kenneth Darlington, 77, approaching the eco-road blockers on the Pan-American Highway, waving his finger while arguing with them.

One of the road blockers asked, “Are you going to kill someone?” The gunman replied: “You want to be the first?” Then, he opened fire, first shooting a protester holding a flag and then a second man who went to confront him, before walking off and removing tree trunks that had been blocking the road.

Local media identified the victims as Abdiel Diaz, a teacher and union activist, and Ivan Mendoza.

Police later shared a photo of the suspect handcuffed to a pipe as he was identified. Darlington holds dual citizenship in the US and Panama, according to Newsroom Panama and Agence France-Presse.

One of the shot protesters died at the scene, while the second was pronounced dead at a local hospital, AFP said.

They were protesting a contract that allows Canada-based First Quantum Minerals to operate Central America’s biggest open pit copper mine for at least another 20 years.

Reportedly, because of his age, he could be sentenced to house arrest. He could have a little dementia, who knows.

Warning, Graphic:

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
26 days ago

While may not have deserved it, the protesters ask for it all the time. And, yeah, he has dementia or, better yet, temporary insanity. And he’s now cured so should be returned to society.

27 days ago

Good news for once.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
27 days ago

A very sad story.
People should not be murdered.
People who block roads hurting many people should not be surprised that anger is directed against them. Marching with signs by the side of the road is one thing. Blocking a major international high is an entirely different matter. It is in effect a crime of stealing money and time, which also has value, from the innocent.