Voting machines must reveal source code – confiscate those machines!


In a series of tweets in October, Jill Stein announced that she won an important concession in her four-year court case with a voting machine vendor to reveal the source code in the 2016 election.

If Sidney Powell can get the voting machines in the swing states confiscated, we might find out definitively where these ballots have been.

Why wouldn’t the DoJ confiscate them and just check it out? It would finally answer the question. Maybe they did confiscate them, although we have no evidence that is the case.

Stein, a former presidential candidate, tweeted about findings after the lawsuit was settled. Votes in Wisconsin were miscounted. One in every 170 votes was miscounted. In Michigan, there were 84,000 undercounted presidential votes. In Detroit, over 80 ballot scanners broke down.

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