CBS is promoting systemic racism


We became a racist nation overnight and our media is promoting the idea. CBS is pushing for people to buy from black-owned businesses. Shopping for black-owned businesses does push racism against whites. It hurts white-owned businesses when we should all promote equality.

The excuse is that black-owned businesses were hit particularly hard during the pandemic, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. We do agree that Antifa and BLM have burned down more black-owned businesses, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to go racist.

That is not what Martin Luther King Jr. had in mind. This is absolutely racism. The color of one’s skin is as insignificant as eye color, hair color, and so on. We are one nation and we are all equal with equal opportunities, not equal outcomes.

We all should want our white- and black-owned businesses to succeed.

The left is pushing racism in college admissions, employment, and everywhere else they can think of pushing it. Funds are being allocated to people for various endeavors based on skin color by Google, Facebook, government agencies, and so on.

That’s not abolishing racism. It is building anti-white racism into the system, aka systemic racism.

Of course, we want black-owned businesses to succeed, but we also want white-owned businesses to succeed.


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