VP Harris Breaks Precedent by Failing to Salute Military While Boarding Air Force Two


It would seem VP Kamala Harris may have been too busy yucking it up about visiting our collapsing border to salute the military while boarding Air Force Two.

No, wait!  Actually, this isn’t just a one-time thing.  Apparently, she’s broken precedent by repeatedly refusing to return the salute of her honor guard.

Here are some examples.

Harris offers a fist bump to some civilians here.  It can be seen right at the beginning of the tape.

Looks very windy in Las Vegas as she and her hubby disembark.  No one fell going down the stairs and, after blowing past the Marines, Kamala gave one of those hands over her heart gestures to a lady on the ground.

Leaving Lost Angeles there’s time and energy spent waving to who knows who.  But no acknowledgment of the Marines.


Even while joining Hunter’s Father, the VP seems much more interested in managing her hair than returning any salute.

Her current boss (?) along with former Vice President Pence showed their respect with brisk salutes.  No fist-bumps or hands over hearts for those two.

No wonder Kamala got not a single vote in the Democrat Primaries.




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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
2 years ago

You don’t acknowledge what you don’t respect. She has nothing but contempt for the military, evidenced by her body language. Shameful behavior by the VP.

2 years ago

This is an interesting issue. I have to say that Heels Up Harris is right on this one. Heels Up Harris is not in the Military Chain of Command. I also don’t think the Military should salute the Vice President.

The Trio Main Title
The Trio Main Title
2 years ago

Would she fist bump with BLM/Antifa? (rhetorical)