Obamacare architect wants to die at age 75 – I wish him luck!


Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, an architect of Obamacare, wants to die at age 75. If his name sounds familiar, there’s a good reason. “Zeke” is the older brother of former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. Former Obama health policy advisor, Dr. Emanuel is now a member of Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board.

His views on euthanasia have been somewhat distorted, according to the doctor. What’s not distorted, however, are his views on healthcare rationing. Emanuel’s previous statements on rationing have been characterized as “allocation of very scarce medical interventions such as organs and vaccines.”

Emanuel outlined this in a 2009 article he co-wrote on the “Principles of scarce medical interventions.” Sounds like rationing to me.

Emanuel also wrote an article in 1996 for the Hastings Center Report titled “Where Civic Republicanism and Deliberate Democracy Meet.” He distinguished between the basic services that should be guaranteed to everybody from the discretionary medical services that are not guaranteed. Again, sounds like rationing.

A prolific medical and philosophical writer, Emanuel complains that his words are often selectively quoted, or even misquoted. And although he opposes legalized euthanasia, he believes that life after age 75 is not worth living.

“Seventy-five years is all I want to live,” the 63-year-old doctor wrote in an article for The Atlantic. Dr. Emanuel acknowledges that his family and friends think he’s crazy.

Living too long “robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society, the world,” he wrote. “We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic,” he added. Speak for yourself, grandpa!

Although Dr. Emanuel has not specified how he intends to die, he does plan to have a memorial service first. I’m praying for an invitation!

Image from: nationalreview.com

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