VP Pence releases a letter on “doing the right thing”


President Trump called on Vice President Michael Pence to “do the right thing” during the rally today, but the Vice President released a letter saying that it is his considered judgment that he cannot accept or reject Electoral votes. His role is as Parliamentarian. He believes he cannot usurp the role of the people.


As a constitutional conservative, I do agree with Mike Pence. However, we are facing communism and a soft takeover of the United States. We will possibly end up in a Civil War. Many of us will not accept communism or socialism.

This is the job of Congress, not the Vice President. If one person can change the electoral vote, is that what we want?

Mike Pence has supported the President throughout these four years. He did consult with many constitutional experts on this issue.




  1. Notice how he worded the tweet. Of course it is not his job to decide “which electoral votes should be counted and which should not”. His job is to ensure questionable votes should be checked by the ones responsible per the US Constitution. That would be the state legislative houses. It’s their job not his. His tweet is misleading lawyer talk. He is a traitor to this country nothing more. He is not up to the standard of our Founders like most of the DC trash.

  2. The CCP and Dingle Barry Soetoro are loving all of this.
    Too delegit to quit now and it is all or nothing for the forces of evil.

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