WA Nationals Fans Boo President After Killing of Baghdadi! Go Houston!


Immediately after President Trump ended the cruel and vicious reign of ISIS terror leader Bakr al-Baghdadi in an operation he named after humanitarian aid worker Kayla Mueller, the crowd at the Washington Nationals game booed when the President and Melania were introduced on the Jumbotron. They loudly booed him in the fifth game of the series last night and chanted, “Lock him up.”

The seats for a game like this largely go to the elites, Northern Virginians, government bureaucrats, business people beholding to Democrats, so it isn’t a surprise.

Immediately after this, the Astros took the lead. Go Astros!


The President, his wife, and the other Republicans with him handled it with smiles and grace.

NBC News couldn’t stop tweeting the clips of the boos, but it’s okay. We didn’t expect to take the District of Columbia, District of Corruption, anyway. He only took it by 4% last time.

Being booed in the bureaucratic hellhole of D.C. only looks bad in select left-wing bastions. For the rest of America, it’s a badge of honor. Most of America looks at his leadership in the Baghdadi win, named after humanitarian worker Kayla Mueller, and sees DC rooting for the bad buys.

As Mr. Saladino says:

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