Wait Until You Find Out About Special Counsel Jack Smith, an Eric Holder Plant


The new Special Counsel to investigate alleged Donald Trump crimes, Jack Smith, is an Eric Holder plant. A former Chief Counsel for Nominations, U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary exposed Mr. Smith and the entire charade. Others are also exposing his involvement in the IRS targeting of conservatives and the smearing of the Citizens’ United case.

Jack Smith, out to get Trump

Mike Davis, who clerked with Justice Gorsuch, said, “In 2010, Obama Attorney General Eric Holder picked Jack Smith to run Public Integrity Section. Smith took out VA Gov. Bob McDonnell as a potential Republican presidential candidate–on bogus corruption charges. Supreme Court reversed, 9-0. Now Smith is back–to take out Trump.”

Smith went after other Republicans.

What Jack Smith did was unconstitutional, but that didn’t matter. They just wanted to take out Gov. McDonnell and humiliate Republicans. They knew it was unconstitutional, but they knew they could get what they wanted.

Mike Davis, founder of the Article III Project, issued a statement about the politicization of the Justice Department to get Donald Trump.

“By appointing a special counsel to investigate his boss’s top political enemy, Attorney General Merrick Garland continues to politicize and weaponize the Biden Justice Department, all while ignoring smoking-gun evidence of the Biden family’s foreign corruption. Garland announced he’s essentially giving his special counsel whatever he needs to investigate the non-crimes of objecting to a presidential election (like Democrats did in 1967, 2001, 2005, and 2017) and keeping personal copies of presidential records (like Clinton did with highly classified tapes hidden in his sock drawer), both expressly permitted by federal statutes.

“The blatant political bias within the Biden Justice Department erodes trust from the American people that justice is fairly applied to everyone, regardless of their political affiliation. Like with the politically-motivated and baseless Mueller probe, Garland knows a special counsel will unnecessarily drag on and leave a dark political cloud over Trump while he’s running for president over the next two years. Garland’s third-world election interference will no doubt make his boss happy. Indeed, Biden knows he can’t beat Trump, so he’ll simply indict him.”



Mike Howell, of the Heritage Ovesight Project, said, “Jack Smith is well known and liked in leftist circles because of his role in the IRS scandal, working with Lois Lerner to illicitly target conservative groups.”

You can read the evidence in a letter sent by two Representatives on this link.

Jack Smith also REFUSED TO COMPLY WITH A CONGRESSIONAL SUBPOENA in the Lois Lerner targeting case.

WHY SHOULD DONALD TRUMP PUT UP WITH THIS AND THEIR BERIA INVESTIGATIONS? They are using non-crimes to put a cloud over former President Trump.


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1 year ago

When a Government Officer with any type of Police Power is found by a court to have violated the Constitution, they should be immediately fired, lose all Government Pensions, and have charges filed. Only if they are found innocent of those charges should they have their pension restored, but they should never be allowed to work in Law enforcement again.

People like Jack Smith needs to be purged from Government. Special Prosecutors are used by Democrats to run Witch Hunts. There is a case involving Presidential Documents in progress. This move is a Hail Mary Pass because the DoJ and FBI know they will get their wings clipped in January.

Special Prosecutors should also be required to have the express consent of both Houses of Congress.