Walgreens Leaves New York City & Its Psycho Thieves


Walgreens is leaving New York City. The shoplifting is so bad that these professional criminals carry blow torches to break into the locked cabinets.

Michael Rapaport appears in the clip below in his Rite-Aid, which has nothing to buy. The shelves are empty.

Crime is not down in the city. They’re lying. Thieves are released if they steal and don’t hurt a human.

Thieves are taking out whole areas of the city in a completely irreversible way. Psychos are running loose, but the DA felt the need to convict Biden’s political opponent.

Even the plastic bag ban hurts the stores. Guards can’t see through the bags people bring in.

You’d think someone completely masked with a big burlap bag would be the first clue that the person is a thief. However, what’s the point of arresting them? Theft is decriminalized. They get tickets instead. Dangerous criminals now control the city.

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