Walmart Will Charge to Use Self-Checkouts – Update – It’s a Local Issue


Update: Reuters fact check reports that Walmart is not charging customers $98 to use self-checkouts. Self-checkouts may be assigned to paying customers, but not exclusively so. Local stores can limit access depending on customer traffic. [Is it customer traffic or crime?] Local stores may manage them according to traffic and staffing.

Thanks to rampant, unchecked crime, self-imposed by loosey-goosey Democrat law enforcement policies, store theft is destroying stores in blue areas.

Walmart has started charging people $98 to use self-checkouts because so many people are stealing by scanning different barcodes. Starting this month, Walmart wants shoppers to pay extra to use self-checkouts reserved for Walmart plus subscribers at $98 a year, limiting who can pay in certain lanes.

In some stores, the self-checkouts are closed, and they’ve started opening up the regular lines again—a corporate decision.

They are shutting down self-checkouts nationwide. Many Walmart shoppers have noticed a reduction in the self-checkout lanes available at their local stores.

This move also aims to reduce store theft by adding police officers stationed in some stores and increasing the number of staff who check receipts at the door.

We are quickly becoming the third-world nation that Democrats envision for our future.

New York City is finished.

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