Anarchy! People Terrified as 500 Take Over an LA Street


According to KTLA News, a shocking ‘street takeover’ in downtown Los Angeles was attended by hundreds with at least two cars in flames early Saturday morning.

Preliminary reports by OnSceneTV said the takeover occurred before 3 a.m. at the intersection of 18th and Main streets.

Two vehicles erupted into flames in the middle of the intersection.

We don’t know if the fire was deliberately set or if the vehicles caught fire accidentally, the news outlet reports.

When police arrived, they confirmed there were at least 50 cars present.

Fireworks were lit.

The chaotic scene had at least 400 to 500 people blocking access to the street, with reports that the takeover may have involved racing vehicles

The report said that police had requested additional units to divert traffic at the scene and ensure public safety, as emergency services were working to contain the fires and manage the crowd.

Police requested two tow trucks to remove the burned and wrecked vehicles.

The incident was being investigated. As of Saturday early afternoon, whether anyone had sustained injuries was still unknown.

During the terrifying scene, traffic was reported to be moving near the burning vehicles. Some motorists were honking. Others drove past as if nothing happened.

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