NYC Is Spending $10 Billion in Tax $$$ on Illegal Foreigners


New York City is spending $10 billion in taxpayer money on unvetted illegal foreigners. This is going on as foreign gangs are running rampant and joining up with New York City gangs.

New York City is establishing a new division within the education department and repurposing $750 million to assist illegal foreigners while we have poor citizens in need.

Stuart Varney asked Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman what he thought.


“Well, my county is not a sanctuary county. We’re on the border of New York City. And we see all the troubles that New York City has with this foreign invasion from our southern border. And New York City is spending over $10 billion in taxpayer money on migrants that have been in this country for 15 minutes. They’re unvetted; they’re undocumented, and it’s a terrible mistake.

“We need money for schools; we need money for infrastructure; we need money for hospitals; we need money for our citizens. And to spend this money on a new division in their public schools is to me a missed priority of what they should be spending money on.

“I think it’s wrong. The state’s doing the same thing. They’re spending over $2.6 billion on migrants when we need money for other things.

“So I think it’s very wrongheaded.”

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