WaPo Cartoonist Drew a Real Dead Child to Mock DeSantis, Put Mickey Mouse Ears on Him


In case you missed this, revolting Washington Post cartoonist Michael de Adder shared an image of the cartoon in an April 4th retweet that included a link to his drawing headlined, “Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the Trumpiest one of all?”

It’s a complete lie, one that has been debunked. Yet, he keeps lying, and, like all Leftists, he will never be held to account.

What’s worse is he used a real dead child in the cartoon and put Mickey Mouse ears on him.

It shows bodies of sleeping children, with one appearing to be based on an infamous image of the drowned body of Syrian refugee Alan Kurdi.

De Adder is trying to insult Governor DeSantis for the parents’ rights bill, which the Left falsely labeled, the Don’t Say, Gay Bill. It’s a despicable lie. The bill does nothing of the sort.

Critics on the Left and Right blasted de Adder for using the actual image of a dead child in his heinous and dishonest cartoon.

“I hope Alan Kurdi’s family sues you into the ground [Washington Post]. In your attempt to demonize your enemy you use the dead child of a poor refugee family. Shame on you,” wrote activist Obianuju Ekeocha, while journalist Mairead Elordi simply wrote, “Ghoulish.”

Australian columnist Rita Panahi slammed de Adder’s cartoon as “perverted dementedness,” as Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ press secretary, described de Adder as a “demented creep” and The Post as “truly wicked” for publishing the cartoon.

This is the child that de Adder treated so callously and dishonestly.

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