WaPo columnist tells Christians to repent, calls for Trump’s imprisonment



WaPo columnist Michael Gerson called Wednesday’s rally gone bad a fascist occupation of the U.S. Capitol building. He says it left an indelible imprint, forgetting that Democrats occupied the Capitol only two years ago.

He railed against the ONE “Confederate flag waved in triumph” and the “cloddish barbarian in the presiding officer’s chair.”

Don’t think for a minute that these limo libs don’t see the 74 million who voted for Trump as “cloddish barbarians.”


“The desecration of democracy under the banner “Jesus Saves,” he writes — as if they haven’t desecrated democracy with their Russia hoax and fraudulent impeachment.

He adds: This post-apocalyptic vision of chaos and national humiliation was the direct and intended consequence of a president’s incitement. It was made possible by quislings such as Sens. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who turned a ceremony of continuity into a rallying cry for hatred treason. In the aftermath, Republican legislators who still don’t support President Trump’s immediate removal from office by constitutional means are guilty of continuing complicity.”

Where was this man when Democrats rampaged in the Hart Building and tore up cities?

He has a solution that puts Biden’s ‘unity’ problem into the seventh layer of Hell.


Gerson continues: “All this leaves President-elect Joe Biden in a difficult position. Prudence would advise two weeks of patience and then an upbeat attempt to turn the national page. Justice would dictate arresting, trying, and imprisoning President Trump for sedition at the soonest possible moment.”

“As of now, I am in the justice camp. The only way to restore boundaries of law and decency is to enforce them.”

“The coming weeks will see a gradually arriving reckoning. Political leaders who sought access and influence over the past four years through a political alliance with insurrectionists and domestic terrorists are responsible for unleashing insurrectionists and domestic terrorists. This is true of some Federalist Society conservatives, who cared only about judicial appointments. It is true of some economic conservatives, focused only on tax and regulatory policy. And it is true, above all, of Trump evangelicals, who sought to recover lost social influence through the cynical embrace of corrupt power.”

It’s those Christians, baby.

He went on about his Evangelical background. Right, who cares.


“The damage is now done. And it is not my purpose to pick through the ruins of destroyed reputations. It is tempting to call unforgivable the equation of Christian truth with malice, cruelty, deception, bigotry, and sedition. But that statement is itself contradicted by Christian truth, which places no one beyond forgiveness and affirms that everyone needs grace in different ways. There is a perfectly good set of Christian tools to deal with situations such as these: remorse, repentance, forgiveness, reformation.”

Oh. In other words, sit down and shut up? Accept your far-left mantra?

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Got Compost
Got Compost
3 years ago

We’re going to need an “expert” in a white coat comrades at the compost or Bezos’ memo sheet.
Does this mean that the angel halo pics of the Obamessiah and lovable Ol’ Uncle Joe will stop?
BTW-Could Uncle Joe do something about this hoarding or shortages of everything from healthy drinks to appliances.
Still on the waiting list for a new refrigerator and the app mart said you can pay now but it won’t speed up the delivery. The order was placed before December.
Went out for some breakfast items earlier and luckily got the last box of cereal.
Since Uncle Joe the Big Guy is our Sugar Daddy now, these problems should be fixed right away.

Epic Saga
Epic Saga
3 years ago

Viking horns and twist ties against the biggest baddest most EPIC kick ass awesome government evarz?
What a half assed coup or putsch that was.
Even Adolf the Austrian corporal came up with something better than at the Munich beer hall.
The Blutfahne (blood banner) flags were consecrated after the failed putsch and took on a religious significance in the Jonestown cult known as NSDAP Germany.
Maybe some tchotchkes from the imperial capital city can know become sacred relics such as a pen or a laptop from some poor downtrodden freedom fighter CPUSA comrade.

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

I guess the Godless Democrat pagans have nothing for which to repent. If you don’t claim to be decent and moral, then you can’t be held to any standard. He paints a large group of Americans with a very wide brush, then tells them to repent and reform. Get a mirror, you moron.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

It’s amazing how the lefts throws out the labels; fascists, Nazis, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, etc. with nothing to back it up. It is the tactic used by the “drive by media” in their accusations without proof and quickly move on without giving time for a response.