Senile Biden: Trump’s “unfit, and Biden’s not opposing impeachment


Joe Biden is speaking publicly today and not being much of a uniter as he promised he would be.

Rubbing it in, the ‘uniter’ Joe Biden called Trump “incompetent” and “unfit” to hold the office. It’s ironic hearing Biden say anyone is unfit.

Biden is fit???

He also indicated it’s up to Congress to impeach President Trump. Speaker Pelosi said she is preparing Articles of Impeachment for next week if he doesn’t resign.

In other words, he gave a tacit okay on impeachment. So much for uniting us.

Lisa Murkowski, a Republican who is actually a Democrat, is calling for Trump to resign. She said, “I want him out.” Well, I want her out, but we all can’t have what we want.

Journalists continue to ask questions that prompt Biden to attack Trump and his supporters. Not one question about Biden calling the Capitol Police racists.

When asked his views on this Friday, Biden would not directly address impeachment, but said that he’d believed for a long time Trump was unfit to hold the office — “That’s why I ran.”

It’s more codswallop from a liar and plagiarizer.

Biden also said previously he was glad President Trump was not going to the inauguration.

Biden will work closely with Bernie Sanders, a communist, on their shared agenda, which bears a striking resemblance to the Soviet Constitution of 1936:

More uniting:

Senator Lindsey Graham has said that it’s “time to heal” and that impeachment would set a dangerous precedent. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has also complained that this would further divide the country and that he had encouraged Donald Trump to help “quell the mob.” He also wants to meet with Biden to see how they can work together — lots of luck Kevin.

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Pootie Tang
Pootie Tang
3 years ago

And make Pence (Derp State Productions) preezy of the steezy?
Let’s just appoint Steezy Abreezy from Georgeezy!
Aww…yea, fo Schizzle.

3 years ago

Shows where McCarthy is coming from. Get Real. If Trump did come out it would inflame the passion of democrats even more. You can’t quell a “rabid dog”.