WaPo: DOJ Wants to Prosecute Trump for Seditious Conspiracy


Washington Post article claims that Donald Trump is under criminal investigation for two changes, including seditious conspiracy. It must have been the part where he said, during his typical stump speech, ‘march peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol.

Whether this is real or not, we can’t say. But we know they’ll get a lot of bad press for Donald Trump, which is what they want.

They can’t afford Donald Trump as president again. He would likely clean up the swamp mercilessly this time. He’s much wiser now.

According to the Washington Post, the DOJ is now putting witnesses before a grand jury to solicit evidence to support a “seditious conspiracy” charge against President Trump for attempting to overthrow the United States government and Joe Biden.

Their fallback position is a conspiracy to obstruct a government proceeding.

The second charge involves potential fraud associated with the false-electors scheme or with pressure Trump and his allies allegedly put on the Justice Department and others to falsely claim that the election was rigged and votes were fraudulently cast.

These are invented crimes.

WaPo’s information comes from anonymous deep state sources, so don’t believe it out of hand.

This would be a good start if they want to launch a Civil War.

Don’t worry. Merrick Garland assures Americans he is always fair and even-handed. Don’t believe your lying eyes.

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4 months ago

Here’s the problem with trying to charge a President with “Seditious Conspiracy”, the President is the Government. The only recourse the Congress would have had was an immediate Impeachment. They didn’t do it, and even then he still made the speech as President.

Since January of 2021, there is clear proof of Voter Fraud, so President Trump’s speech and a call for a peaceful demonstration was warranted.

Next year, after the New Congress opens, hearings will find that the Democrat Party is guilty of a Treasonous Coup and we will need to build new jails to incarcerate them all. I say hanging is more expedient, less costly, and just the right thing to do.

Canadian Friend
4 months ago

I am not inciting for violence, I am not wishing it will happen, I am simply describing what I see,

if Democrats throw Trump in jail , tens of millions of Trump supporters will revolt, there will be a civil war.

Tyrants can only persecute a group for a certain length of time, eventually people get fed up and fight back

if you could ask Benito Mussolini or Nicolae Ceausescu they would say OH YEAH

and if all Democrats do is forbid Trump from running again( no jail sentence) , that too may cause at minimum civil unrest but possibly civil war.

Democrats are lawless tyrants now inditinguishable from Stalin, Mao, Mussolini or Cerausescu.

They release violent BLM/Antifa but jail Trump supporters simply for having walked into a building.

When you jail your politicial opponents simply for being your politicial opponent, you are in the same category as Stalin, Mussolini, Ceausescu.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
4 months ago

These democrats are getting desperate and know they’re going to lose in Nov. and hopefully, the tide will turn and they will come under investigation and scrutiny.

Judyann Joyner, RN
Judyann Joyner, RN
4 months ago
Reply to  Tim Shep

Tim, I would like to feel confident your statement is correct. I could be but ONLY if WeThePpl DEMAND a change in GOP leadership. WE MUST.

It is these SAME GOP Good Ole Boys who have sat mute as the DNC Fully Infested EVERY federal agency with Deep State traitors. Who have sat MUTE as the DNC developed DOZENS of vehicles of voter/election fraud in Every Growing Numbers for FIFTY YEARS. It is the same miscreants who, come election season, beat their chests claiming, “I’m Most Conservative,” day after elections, stab us squarely in our backs.

They don’t just hate Donald Trump, they hate US, WeThePpl. And, of course, all that hate is driven by pure, unadulterated fear. They are terrified we are on to them and will have our pound of flesh.

After the Tea Party took the GOP off of life support, breathed life back into that party, it was MItch McConnell, Wednesday after election day, came out swinging against the Tea Party, against Conservatives. He actually suggested he would like to punch us all in the face. No good deed …..

Going forward, the ONLY candidates we can consider, the ONLY members considered for GOP leadership, MUST BE GENUINE MAGA REPS. They are our ONLY way forward because GOP Old Republican Guard have soundly betrayed us for DECADES.

We have been trying to fight a war against the left with an army REPLETE with Benedict Arnolds. THAT MUST CHANGE.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 months ago

The DOJ has been investigating Trump for 7 years. The DOJ has been putting out backroom press releases like this since 2017, as PR. That shows shat a dishonest agency it is. Recall Barr would not comment on his fake investigations, using the excuse that ongoing work is done privately, all the while he was issuing these backroom releases.

Their best way to eliminate Trump is to indict him, it is likely. The indictment would be followed by a huge media storm. RINOs would cheer. Mitch and Pence are planning in the background how to fool voters with a fake conservative.

Judyann Joyner, RN
Judyann Joyner, RN
4 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Prisoner, the day of GOP hoodwinking the Republican electorate IS OVER.
In the lead up to 2016 election, we bore witness to HOW they previously manipulated is into a candidate McCain, candidate Romney. They used ALL THE SAME obnoxious tactics with Donald Trump. After 8 painful, destructive Obama years, we became all to aware of their disgusting manipulations – IT DID NOT WORK.

Going forward, their tactics will continue to NOT work. WeThePpl are now WELL AWARE, it is no longer Democrat vs Republican. It is they, NWO, Deep State loving TRAITORS vs the American people.

Why I call him, “Trump, President of Revelations.” He has exposed, more often trolled them into exposing THEMSELVES, as Great Betrayers. It is now decades of repeated backstabbing, manipulation, psychological warfare. WE ARE DONE with it.

Understand, as Democrats have worked to fully infest every federal agency with DS traitors, GOP Elites have sat mute. As the DNC has fomented voter/election fraud, eGOP have sat mute. As the DNC has whittled away at our Constitution to effect a death by a thousand slashes, eGOP sat MUTE. As the DNC has led America to the abyss, eGOP has cleared that path.

The one thing they have not yet succeeded at is crushing our 2A rights – though they continue to work toward that end. Thank GOD they have thus far failed because if they do try to indict President Trump, the pushback is not going to be pretty.

Prisoner, MANY years ago I said, the day America discovers their votes are meaningless, they can no longer bring their gripes, their discontent PEACEFULLY to voting booths, is the day there WILL BE HELL TO PAY. That day is upon us.

Going forward, our ONLY hope lays in the hands of the ever growing numbers of genuine MAGA reps. They MUST be the leadership of our future.

4 months ago

If anyone is overthrowing our government it’s the Communist Democrats!