Have You Seen the New York City Subways from Hell Lately?


Just another day on the New York City subway.

Twitter warns you that you might not want to see this since it’s sensitive. But it’s what New Yorkers are confronted with every day they take the subway.

New York City is unsalvageable.

The video is of a flash twerker party fueled with alcohol and obscene behavior. The police can’t stop this.

The unnamed exhibitionist women twerked and did a slip n’ slide on the train floor. They also gave lap dances since they have no self-respect.

It can be much worse than this next clip. At least he’s cleaning up. New York is a nuthouse with a fake crime-fighting mayor.

When it rains outside, it also rains in the subway. They could fix the infrastructure, but we are too busy spending billions on illegal aliens worldwide who are flown in daily.

Sign by a pig.

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