International college students can’t stay if they’re in online-learning only


ICE released new guidance on international students whose universities move to online-only this fall. They must transfer or leave the US.

As colleges debate reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic, Immigration and Customs Enforcement gave foreign students an ultimatum on Monday: transfer to a school with in-person classes or depart the country.

It might clear out some of the Chinese Communist Party students.

ICE  runs a major portion of the student visa program, which is called the “Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).”

Under the rule ICE announced today, schools like Harvard wouldn’t lose tuition from students forced to leave the United States. Students could “attend” classes virtually—in their home country if they can gain access. But if the choice is to stay at Harvard or leave the US, many will choose to transfer.

Harvard is charging full tuition even though they have gone to online learning only for the Fall semester, despite their huge endowment.

Colleges and universities seem to be pushing online learning as the wave of the future, making the Tech Giants very happy.


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