WaPo Fake News: TX Mall Killer Mauricio Garcia Might Be a White Supremacist


The Texas Mall Murderer is 33-Year-Old Mauricio Garcia. His family doesn’t speak English. They needed a translator to talk to his mother. The 33-year-old worked as a security guard and was living in a motel.

CBS News said he didn’t have a “serious” criminal history. They didn’t define “serious” or tell us what criminal acts he committed. We just have to take their word for it that the crimes weren’t serious.

Garcia was tattoed. It looks like a gang tat on his hand, but we can’t confirm. The media might never say.

Tattooed Mauricio Garcia

He left eight dead and seven wounded, including children.

Neighbors said Garcia exhibited “unusual behavior” and rarely talked to anyone. He wore Gothic clothes and lived with his parents until a few weeks ago.


The corrupt media and Internet trolls tried to pin the horrific crime on the so-called white supremacists.

The Washington Post, which also confirmed Garcia’s name, reported that the gunman “may have had white supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs,” attributing that contention to “people familiar with the investigation.”

He’s Hispanic! He’s not white, but they can always photoshop his skin color as they often do in these cases.

WaPo said he was wearing a patch on his chest that “suggested the potential white supremacist leanings.” They have zero evidence and they ignored what looks like gang tats on his body.

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