War Footing Advances as Ukraine Unofficially Joins NATO


Independent reporter Michael Tracey wrote an interesting piece for Newsweek about the latest escalation in the Ukraine-Russia war.

“NATO announces it’s incorporating Ukraine more aggressively than ever before, but one step short of Ukraine’s maximalist demand for immediate formal membership status. People, therefore, think NATO “betrayed” Ukraine… by aggressively accelerating its absorption of Ukraine. Clever”

As he also said, Ukraine already joined NATO.

Then there is the commitment made by Jens Stoltenberg, a White House and UK puppet:

Tracey’s premise is “Whether or not it receives formal membership, Ukraine has already been absorbed into NATO. Because in the “rules-based order,” you can expand your military alliance through the backdoor, without ever bothering to seek popular consent.”

He added that “running out of ammo” is code for “produce more ammo.” He’s referring to Biden, who said in an interview with Fareed Zakaria on July 7th that he is giving Ukraine cluster bombs because they’re out of shells. He repeated it after that.

The Long-Planned Increase in NATO-Ready Troops Are Also in the Works

Since NATO is the United States, it is alarming that they are putting 300,000 troops on combat-ready status to defeat Russia. That was officially announced on June 30th.

“NATO leaders have agreed to put over 300,000 troops on high alert from mid-2023, up from 40,000 currently, to counter Russia, the country designated by the alliance as posing the greatest threat over the next decade,” reports Reuters.


At the same time, we’re beginning to see articles by the power brokers calling for the decolonization of Russia.

“To avoid more senseless bloodshed, the Kremlin must lose what empire it still retains,” says Casey Michel at The Atlantic.

“Russia’s history is one of almost ceaseless expansion and colonization, and Russia is the last European empire that has resisted even basic decolonization efforts, such as granting subject populations autonomy and a meaningful voice in choosing the country’s leaders. And as we’ve seen in Ukraine, Russia is willing to resort to war to reconquer regions it views as its rightful possessions,” Michel continues.

It’s not just The Atlantic. Foreign Policy Magazine is saying the same thing. The Hill, too, published an article about decolonizing Russia.

The US government Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe said it on June 23rd.  The Atlantic Council also has Russia’s decolonization in its sights.

We aren’t trying to save Ukraine but rather conquer Russia and dismantle it. That is the existential threat that could lead to Russia using nuclear weapons.

We’re also talking about war with China as if it were a simple thing.

These are wars that would require conscription, and we would be under the leadership of a madman in the Oval Office and a Woke military. This is as our borders are wide open and our enemies are undoubtedly pouring through.

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