Kerry Worries About Bombs Going Off Hurting the Climate


Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry claimed on Monday that the war in Ukraine is “exacerbating the problem” of climate change. He said the “bombs going off” in the war between Ukraine and Russia are causing climate problems.

“When you have bombs going off, and you have damage to septic tanks or to power centers, et cetera, you have an enormous release of greenhouse gas of methane, all of the family of greenhouse gases,” Kerry told MSNBC. “And the result is it’s adding to the problem.”

What about the people dying, John?

Kerry added that he is “not suggesting” that the United States should not engage in the war in Ukraine, as it is a fight “we have to make.” However, he said that there are “ancillary impacts” that result from the conflicts.

Thousands are dying, millions are displaced, and we are facing a potential third world war, and Kerry’s talking about climate change.

This is a man with mansions, a yacht, large vans, and he flies private. He explained in the past that he has to have a big carbon footprint to get his important work done.

With all the horror and mayhem in Ukraine, Biden also says climate change is the most serious threat in the world. If we’re honest, we must say Joe Biden is the most serious threat in the country and the world.

The Climate Hysterics And the Hottest Day

Everything concerning the climate is political. The Left has weaponized the weather.

CNN announced this was the hottest day on record last week:

On Monday, the average global temperature reached 17.01 degrees Celsius (62.62 Fahrenheit), the highest in the US National Centers for Environmental Prediction’s data, which goes back to 1979. On Tuesday, it climbed even further, reaching 17.18 degrees Celsius, and global temperature remained at this record-high on Wednesday.

The previous record of 16.92 degrees Celsius was set in August 2016.

CNN never bothers to check. They just say whatever will further the agenda.

Marc Morano of CFact debunked that immediately:

“The decade of the 1930s is renowned for the “Great Depression” and the “Dust Bowl,” both of which caused calamitous human suffering in this country. Not only were huge numbers of crops destroyed by the heat and lack of moisture in the “Dust Bowl” era, but thousands of lives were lost as a result of the heat, drought, and economic hardship.

This extreme heat wave was particularly deadly in high-population areas where air conditioning was still in the early stages of development.

“The heat wave experienced in 1936 began in late June, reached a peak in July, and didn’t really come to an end until September. Many of the all-time high-temperature records that were set in the 1930s in numerous cities and states still stand today. Perhaps the hottest day ever recorded in the US took place on July 14th in 1936 when the average maximum temperature was 96°F, and 70% of the US was over 90 degrees.”

Two scientists call climate change hysteria a hoax:

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