War Spending News Alert!


Biden will ask Congress for $60 billion for the Ukraine war and $10 billion to help fund Israel’s war with Hamas. He also pledged $100 million for humanitarian aid for the Palestinian people, which will undoubtedly go to Hamas.

This is with a debt of $33.5 trillion that is going up by $500 billion a month. Our deficit spending was to reach $2 trillion this year without all this added expense.

At the same time, the world is de-dollarizing.

In no financial world does this make sense. I am not an economist or a banker, and I know that much. Our banks are already in serious trouble, and the sanctions we leveled on Russia and weaponizing the swift system have cost us dearly.

Our esteemed politicians don’t know how to say no.

That doesn’t even deal with the loss of lives and other excruciating trauma that wars bring. This is pure insanity.

Our administration is destroying us. All you have to do to know it’s the truth is to look at the Department of Homeland Security, which is destroying the country with swarms of unvetted illegal aliens.

The Department hired a former PLO spokesperson. Nejwa Ali, who defended Hamas in a statement the same day she was placed on leave, wrote, “I will absolutely F*****g-lately celebrate them, so f*** you a**h***,” she allegedly said.

I’d like to say that she was a one-off, but she’s not. She’s typical of this administration.

This administration should be in charge of nothing and have no access to taxpayer funds. They’d never make it in the real world without the bottomless taxpayer purse.

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