Deal for McHenry to Act as Interim Speaker Collapses – Update


Updated 3:15 ET via NBC News

The effort backed by Representative Jim Jordan to empower Patrick McHenry as interim speaker collapsed on Thursday after it became obvious that there wouldn’t be enough support from House Republicans.

Had the deal gone through, McHenry would have been empowered until January. It would have allowed legislative business to move forward.

However, after a lengthy closed-door meeting with GOP members on Thursday, Jordan said that empowering McHenry was not a viable option. He said it was a way “to lower the temperature and get back to work,” but “we decided that wasn’t where we’re gonna go.”

Jordan said he is not planning to drop out, and there might be a third round of votes on Thursday.

Previous Update 12:55 pm ET

We have another update. Patrick McHenry will become the Interim Speaker until January. We’ll give him a chance to do the right thing. Let’s hope he turns out to be conservative.

Original Bulletin – scratch this information!

Jim Jordan has agreed to McHenry as Interim. It means he is backing out, perhaps briefly, so they can pass bills. That doesn’t mean Rep. Jordan is out of the running, but he probably is.

There will possibly be another vote on Thursday after a meeting. However, Jordan lost votes again today. At that meeting, they’ll discuss the next steps, but RINOs want McCarthy back. They don’t care what happens to the country. McCarthy hasn’t improved anything and is a dishonest political operative.

The RINOs are petty and don’t want Gaetz to win any points.

Establishment Republican McHenry will serve as Interim Speaker and spend money we don’t have. He’ll do everything McCarthy would have done.

Updating as information comes in.

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