Warmonger John Bolton will vote for Sleepy Joe-Update


Joe Biden is a helpless puppet of the radical left.
~ Donald J. Trump


Update: John Bolton clarified on ABC News and said he will not vote for Biden either. We made the mistake of listening to CNN.

Axios and the Daily Telegraph said the same thing but have since corrected their statements.

He is going to write in a candidate.

Original Story

Warmonger John Bolton said in an interview today that he will vote for Joe Biden in November. Well, that cinches it, I’ll vote for Joe now (just kidding).

Bolton doesn’t like what President Trump stands for but apparently likes the senile guy who promised to fulfill the dreams of the hard left on guns, climate change, the economy, high taxation, big spending, and more.

“The president does not have a philosophical grounding or strategy,” Bolton said. “He does not know the difference between the national interest of the U.S., and the interests of Donald Trump. There is confusion over the national interest and his personal interest, which is very dangerous for the country,” Bolton said.

And Biden does? Bolton will gladly turn the country over to the puppet of the hard left.

Bolton is blowing smoke. What has Trump done in his interests? He’s lost money and reputation to serve the country. His family is regularly dragged through the mud.

Biden hasn’t even held a press conference in 80 days. He can’t. It would require him stringing more than two sentences together. That’s not to be unkind, it’s fact.

Bolton is the new Bill Krystal.

There is a strong possibility that a man with dementia will be President and a crazy woman will be his Vice President.

Sleepy Joe:

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