Criminal who beat store clerk for no reason was released immediately by police


As a white store clerk at a Michigan Genesee Valley Macy’s store was beaten by a man he didn’t know, he apologized although he did nothing wrong. This shocking scene is made somewhat famous on a now-viral clip.

The attacker claimed he used the word, ‘n____r.” However, Macy’s review of their tapes shows the attacker had no reason whatsoever to beat the white man, not that using that word would be a reason. The black man just picked on this man.

Police were called and the black man was detained for a short time But then the Flint police just let the criminal walk away.

Macy’s issued a statement: “We are deeply saddened about the incident that took place on Monday at Macy’s Genesee Valley as the safety of Macy’s customers and colleagues is our top priority,” Andrea Schwartz, senior director of media relations for Macy’s, said in an email to The Journal. “We take these situations very seriously and are working closely with local authorities on this investigation, deferring all comments about the case to them per policy.”

Meanwhile, police are investigating as this dangerous powder keg of a man wanders around loose.

I had to go to Russia Today to find out what happened.

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