Warrant served on McCloskeys, gun taken, DA lets it leak


The St.Louis couple who guarded their home with guns as BLM rampaged through their private property was victimized again. The state government sent police Friday night with a search warrant. They left with the family’s rifle, according to KDSK. Who knows what else. That’s all that was leaked to the press.

The couple told police their attorney has their pistol.

There are no charges as yet but the warrant was allegedly to seize their guns.

Late Friday evening 5 On Your Side confirmed attorney Al Watkins was no longer representing the McCloskeys, and that attorney Joel Schwartz had taken over. Schwartz confirmed a search warrant was issued at 8 p.m. Friday night, but would not say what was taken from the home. Schwartz also said he does not know where the handgun is.

Schwartz told 5 On Your Side he does not believe charges are warranted against the McCloskeys and that he hopes to meet with St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office next week, but that there is no official appointment at this time.

In the least, they won’t let this couple have weapons.

Meanwhile, the rampaging mob that threatened to kill them, their dog, and burn their house down have suffered no repercussions. Apparently, that is justified.

The McCloskey’s had every right to defend their home when a mob showed up, breaking the gate to their community threatening them. The corrupt far-left Soros DA now let it leak that the McCloskey’s are home potentially unarmed, putting them in danger too.

Since they defended their home, the mob has shown up at their home screaming and cursing, but nothing was done about that.




  1. Seems to me defunding the badged thugs is the right move. However, it also behooves citizens to shitcan their selective prosecutions and usurping of both state and federal CONstitutions by DAs and AGs.

    Get rid of the DAs and AGs before any police. As Shakespeare wrote: “First, lets kill all the lawyers.”

  2. It wasn’t the “badged thugs” who ordered this, it was the Soros’ puppet DA, Kim Gardner. They were following orders, doing their job.
    I had read in 2018 Soros was funding campaigns for DAs all across America and given their performances, he is getting back what he paid for, anarchy. Soros is a hateful, self loathing Jew and a despicable human being who sold out his people to the Nazis, never regretting doing so. And at least since the early 80s he has used his untold wealth to spread havoc on America and the world. To quote the late Flip Wilson, a talented and truly funny comic, “The devil made him do it.” And Soros did it, continues to do it gleefully.

  3. Since they have no way to defend themselves, it has been announced that their guns were taken, and the police won’t do anything just like they did when the thugs showed up at their house the first time that brought this whole mess about, that DA needs to be held accountable for ANYTHING that may now happen to the McCloskey’s. She will be guilty of perpetrating any crime that may happen to the couple.

  4. There is always a way to get weapons. After this goes viral there will be plenty of people willing to loan weapons to this couple. When things are done, sue the hell out of the DA and the city of St. Louis for illegal search and seizure and violation of constitutional rights. Vote these worthless politicians out and quit sitting at home doing nothing. VOTE!!!!!

  5. In 2019, she admitted to campaign finance violations including using campaign donations to pay for a private apartment.
    You have to ‘answer a survey question’ before you can read an article about her accepting money from a super PAC belonging to George Soros.

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