Washington Redskins Change Team Name to “Spelunkers” – Because They “Caved” to Pressure!


As I reported on July 3rd, the Washington Redskins football team has been contemplating a name change. Sponsors were pressuring the team to get rid of the name and logo of Redskins because it was deemed offensive.

Washington Redskins Bowing to Pressure to Change Their Name and Logo

Today the team issued a statement announcing they are retiring the name and logo of the Redskins. Team owner Dan Snyder and Head Coach Ron Rivera also stated they are working on a new name and logo for the team. They were expected to announce the new name today, but didn’t. In other words, they punted.

Press Release: Washington Redskins Retiring Name and Logo

FedEx, owner of the stadium where the team plays, pressured the Redskins team to get rid of the controversial name. Team owner Tom Snyder said earlier, however, that he would “never” change the team name.

It appears the team finally caved to the pressure. So it seems the new name of the Washington football team should be the “Spelunkers.” (Spelunking is, of course, the exploration of caves.)

Fans and sports writers have many suggestions for a new team name. Some of the most popular names include Redtails, Warriors, and Red Wolves. But with the political and racial climate being what it is, it’s difficult to imagine how a similar name would pass muster and please the fans.

So which team is next to get the hatchet? The Atlanta Braves? The Cleveland Indians? The current Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs?

And what about teams named for endangered species, like the Florida Panthers and the Bengal Tigers? Should they be forced to change their team names?

Certainly the next football team that should be forced to change its name is the New England Patriots. A Patriot may be the most endangered thing in America.

Image from: nbcsports.com

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