President laments “scared” Fox News “working so hard against the people” who got them there


President Trump lamented Fox ‘News’ as it is now — too scared to report and cowed into submission by the left. He called it “sad.”

He blasted them for “working so hard against the people (viewers) that go them there.” The President also noted that “their contributors are a disaster.”

We imagine he was thinking of Donna Brazile, Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov, Marie Harf, and so on. We have observed that the Republicans they have on these days are the RINOs, for the most part.

At night, there is still some hope.

The President had some unkind words for the lamestream media as well. The lamestream never says anything positive about the stock market or jobs. They are doing very well.

President Trump added, “The Radical Left will destroy the USA. Be careful what you wish for!”

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