Watch A Man Casually Steal Prescription Meds from a CVS


Two days ago, a man walked into a CVS Pharmacy in Santa Ana, California, went behind the counter, and casually stole prescription medications. He left with an armload of medications and no one stopped him, of course.

They called 911.

California is lawless and is going to get worse. Thank Governor Newsom, DA George Gascon, and all the other legislators who don’t like laws, prisons, and convictions.


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Don Vito
Don Vito
2 years ago

Communist Veneral Slime, I no feel a sorry for them.
Fellow travelers get what they deserve.
The Long Marchers made them an offer they can’t refuse as part of the plandemic and may they eat it hard.

2 years ago

I doubt California can be fixed. They had a chance for a positive change and took a pass and kept Newsom. I live in a Red State for reason, one is because I can, the other is Red States are 2nd Amendment Friendly! Actually, Red States seem to actually believe in the Constitution, God, Morals, and Responsibility. We don’t have much crime because we believe in Law & Order and keep the Liberals in the cities where we can keep an eye on them. Criminals know that down in the Swamps the Alligators are well fed and in the Fields there are plenty places to hide the bodies. As the sign on a neighbor’s property says, “Beware of the Red Neck”. People with land, take Trespassing seriously. One sign I saw over in the next county says, “Cattle Rustling is a Hanging Offense.” I’m told that in my State they passed a law back in the 1800’s that made Horse and Cattle Rustling a hanging offense and it’s technically still on the books. Get caught trespassing on a Cattle Ranch and technically you can be facing a death sentence. I’m going to cut a few cattle out of the herd and graze them on the Homestead land next year; just because I can! It will be less grass to mow too!

A history lesson; the last time it looks like someone was legally hung for rustling was in California in the early 1850’s. I wonder if California has actually taken it’s rustling laws off the books?