Watch as conservative columnist, staff, are assaulted on stage by antifa


Michelle Malkin was assaulted on a stage in downtown Denver by Antifa during a back-the-blue rally. They beat one of her people and you can hear Michelle scream when a female Antifa takes out a baton. An organizer for the event was also assaulted.

Her private security wasn’t enough and the police did nothing.



Ms. Malkin calling for the President to send in troops. We can all agree or disagree, but. that’s her view. President Trump announced he will send 150 agents into Chicago and is considering other blue cities.

Ms. Malkin was none too happy with the police either. The Police stood down. Yet, police are accosting people for going to the beach but do nothing when they are attacked by these terrorists. Malkin says it doesn’t make the police look good.

Specifically, she wrote on Twitter: How do we stand up when police obey BLM demands to stand down? How do we #backtheblue when the blue won’t back us? How do we fight back-like all of #ConInc is now preaching- when #ConInc smears Proud Boys as “street brawlers” & tries to cancel people like me who defended them?

What can the police do, however? They have their orders.

She also wrote in a series of tweets:

Police need to also realize they don’t get blanket support because they’re under attack from the left. Let’s not forget how quick most were to arrest and fine those not obeying unconstitutional orders during the lockdown. They work for us, or they don’t have our support.

Police were arresting churchgoers and mom playing with their kids at the park. Police chose to still listen to the democrats and allow cities to burn. My guess is that the Police unions are with the democrats.

“Black supremacy is as dangerous as white supremacy, and God is not interested merely in the freedom of black men, God is interested in the freedom of the whole human race and in the creation of a society where all men can live together as brothers.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Maybe you *shouldn’t* be backing the blue. Cops are the enforcement arm of government. They are not your friends. This is why we have the 2nd amendment. We protect ourselves, not the police. The police will do what the government tells them to, nothing more, nothing less.

Ms. Malkin discussed the incident with Jeff Kuhner at WROK. She said she was pushed and manhandled. One of the “peaceful protesters” sprayed things at her. It really shook her up.

Antifa put the women on the front line and the men on the second line, setting up the violence.


She would like people to help by supporting those who are attacked by these Democrats. There is one case concerning Steve Baca which you can read about on the thread if you go to Twitter.

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