Watch Biden lie about Afghanistan, live – it’s the fault of Bush, Obama, Trump, Afghan government-president-army


Joe Biden, puppet President, is reading lies from the teleprompter and re-writing history. Biden wants everyone to believe he had to follow through on Donald Trump’s peace agreement or go to war.

How does that excuse his terrible exit from Afghanistan?

As Americans are stranded and people are dying at the Karzai airport, and the Taliban are killing enemies and raping girls, he claimed he prepared for every contingency.

Biden didn’t provide air support but he claims he gave them everything they need.

He blames Bush, Obama, Trump, the former government of Afghanistan, the former President, Ashraf Ghani, and the Afghan army. The only person not responsible is him.

Biden plans to send humanitarian aid to Afghanistan NOW IN THE HANDS OF THE TALIBAN!

He claimed “the buck stops with me’ after he blamed everyone else for his mess! But don’t worry, the mission in Afghanistan “was a success.”

Biden pretended it was about leaving Afghanistan when it was about his withdrawal. Then he refused to take questions.

Reactions so far:

Biden abandoned Trump’s peace plan & exit strategy & haphazardly created his own. Biden is FULLY responsible for this absolute wreck. ~ Andy Biggs

Biden immediately blaming Trump. ~ Jack Posobiec

Biden is now blaming Trump for the pullout. He took full credit for the pullout in July. ~ Ian Miles Cheong

Incredible. Blaming Trump. Blaming the Afghan people. Disgraceful. ~ Justin Hart

The only “solution” to Afghanistan we’ve heard from the White House so far is “BLAME TRUMP!” They won’t admit their failures, they won’t present a plan – they’re content with watching the world BURN then blaming Trump for their inaction. YOU CAN’T BLAME TRUMP FOREVER! ~ Ronny Jackson

Biden is blaming Afghan Army Biden is blaming Trump Biden is blaming Afghan leaders Biden is not blaming himself and his team how wrong they were. ~ Farid

President Biden blaming the Afghan people for the collapse. Valid point but that lack of will was encouraged by the perception of his weakness. The Afghanis didn’t trust him. ~ Bill O’Reilly

President Biden says he will “speak out” against the abuse of women in Afghanistan. The Taliban yawn. ~ Bill O’Reilly

These are the talking points, followed by the speech.


In case the clip above doesn’t work:

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