Watch day 2 of crazy, sham impeachment trial live here if you must


Here is Day 2 of the sham impeachment trial. What is really absurd is watching Eric Swalwell, who slept with a Chinese agent, possibly for years, is nitpicking common expressions to claim DJT called for a riot.

Ms. Kremer who organized Stop the Steal said the ‘calvary is coming.’ He didn’t mean bring the calvary. He meant a “peaceful and patriotic” march.

That was just one annoying comment from a boring show. The Democrat Party is 100% a propaganda party, the entire party. I didn’t come up with that. Bill O’Reilly came up with that.




  1. Since they are saying Trump kept falsely indicating the election was stolen,will Trump’s attorneys go there and use this time to show everyone all the fraud that occurred and not investigated.

  2. Bwahaha! The honeypot humper Swallowswell pic is a laugher.
    What a perfect face for the terminal decline into third world banana republic turd status!
    Yes we can, Forward!

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