Twitter CEO says DJT is banned forever, even if he’s president in 2024


A Twitter CFO said on Squawk Box that if Donald Trump becomes president again in 2024, he would still remain banned. He’s banned for life. That’s “the way it works” for these arrogant leftists.

Whoever he is, and I don’t care what his name is, he spoke with a slight smile.

Twitter has to go or at least we need to leave it.

Unfortunately, until something else is able to replace it, we need it for our reporting. The leftists expose who and what they are on Twitter. The platform is a good way to see how dishonest and insane they all are. We need to know what they are saying and call them out, post our opinions, do whatever we can to make people realize this is madness.

Who wants Big Tech working in concert with Bidenites to crush all opposition? This is no different than what has gone on in communist countries before they were taken over.

Neera Tanden will likely become OMB director and promised to tax and regulate them. The taxes will hardly phase them and they want to be regulated by their allies in the Dem party. Dems wants more censoring of the opposition and Big Tech is only too happy to oblige.


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