Watch Janet Yellen Explain Interest Income Belongs to the Bank


Listen to socialist Janet Yellen explain that interest on income is the bank’s, not the investor’s. Forget that she is talking about Russia, and listen to the logic.

“Well, there is no sense at all in which it’s theft,” said Yellen. The Russian assets remain in this institution. They’ve been impounded. UM, the investments that Russia had have matured, so Russia’s funds are sitting in cash with their generating income for the institution, which Russia has no claim on. So there’s no legal issue here.”


U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen states, “This is not theft. There is no legal issue” in stealing Russian sovereign assets since “the assets generated income for the institution.”

Using the same logic, interest income earned on any investment held at a financial institution, or even a savings account, could be impounded and taken from you because the “institution” considers it to be its “income,” not yours.

Would They Steal Our Money?

A permanent Democrat government would be capable of stealing American assets and interests if they wanted money. They’ll simply pass laws from the White House to make it happen as they do now.

We are losing the dollar as the reserve currency. Saudi Arabia just dropped us, and much of the world no longer trusts us. BRICS is rushing a mult-world financial system.

In only ten years, we will own an unimaginable. unpayable $50 trillion in debt. Currently, our interest on the debt every three months is a trillion dollars, more than our defense budget.

We will crash. No one in the swamp seems to care, and they keep spending.

Who remembers when portions of people’s savings were taken in Cyprus?

What if an all-powerful Democrat Party decided to tax the money you keep in the bank willy-nilly? You go to withdraw your money, and it’s gone, or some of it is gone? This is one reason one party must not have all the power. Yet, if Democrats win in November, they will have their permanent electoral majority and all the power. They will let illegal aliens vote and decide our future.

It’s a Perfect Storm:

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