Watch Jim Acosta Get Kicked Out of the Presser


CNN’s Jim Acosta is a troll who tries to make every event about himself. While the President was holding a presser in the White House with the President of Kazakhstan, Acosta rudely tried to make it about the DACA meeting with lying Durbin.

The President answered Acosta’s question but the obnoxious troll wouldn’t stop. Watch the video while the President says, “Out.”

As an aside, Acosta asked the President if he wants people from Norway but the President never said just Norway. he said he would like more people from Norway and Asia, but the dishonest press leave Asia out.

According to the Washington Post, Trump was concerned that “…Democratic proposals to adjust the visa lottery and federal policy for immigrants with temporary protected status were going to drive more people from countries he deemed undesirable into the United States instead of attracting immigrants from places like Norway and Asia, people familiar with the meeting said.”

Dopey April Ryan is the next one he has to kick out.

After Acosta was kicked out, he tried to make it into a case of silencing the press. The fact that these media outlets let people like Ryan and Acosta in to represent them shows what they are up to. It’s a disgrace.

At the end, the President says, ‘out’ – it happens fast.

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